A Good Job

Ever since I graduated high school in 2019, it’s always been the same rhetoric. “In order to make it in this life/world you need to have a good job, benefits, and savings..” always spewed by my parents, mentors, peers. Stuck in this old school mindset that those are the only things that make us successful. Referring to my last blog post, “Societal Norms”, I’m once more reflecting on the fact that I’ve been raised to believe in things a certain way. Success is only success when you’ve spent your whole life working for the fruit of the labor, even if that meant breaking yourself, hating the labor, all for the fruit. 

But I’m tired of this small minded perspective of success. I’m tired of this view on success dictating my journey and my path, aren’t you? 

As times change, so does the definition of success. Meaning, there is no one true version. Success can be the outcome of thinking outside the box we have been accustomed to. Tradition can change and that allows other avenues of “success” to be explored. Our truth of success, the labor being the fruit and the fruit being the labor. Enjoying the entire process of our truthful success.

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