Societal Norms

I have been living in the US for 30 years and have never traveled outside the country. I have traveled through this country state by state and have had the honor of seeing different cultures, peoples, and atmospheres that have truly amazed me. 

As human beings, we all integrate ourselves with 'our' society based on the cultures, peoples, and atmospheres we find ourselves a part of. Having choice over where we fall in our own societies is empowering and allows us to express ourselves. However, lately I've been feeling overwhelmed during this pandemic and all its uncertainties. I was feeling overwhelmed before too but I feel there is more pressure than ever to "get my life started". A pressure to express myself! The pandemic has influenced an even harder hustle lifestyle than we have already been experiencing. When our grandparents and parents were growing up they experienced hardship too, albeit a different one. They chose jobs that kept them safe, maybe not what they wanted to do with their lives but it was safe. As these generations grew older they had the security to know they would be living out the rest of their lives enjoying the fruits of their labor.

As a 30 year old in 2020, I will not get the same luxury. Societal norms are evolving, some for good and mostly for bad. Corporations aren't letting my age range stay employed longer than 5 years, retail jobs have become increasingly difficult with little wages and more expectations of workers, more hours spent at work than at home with family, college grads not getting hired and having to move back home with parents, grandparents or gaudians. The future is looking more and more uncertain for people my age. 

I write this to say that, we as the next generation do not have to do what the generations before us did to get what we want. That even during a global pandemic we still have the chance to choose our lives. We can find new avenues towards a lifestyle we want. We can explore who we are and what we want from this life. Ask ourselves, what are my true strengths and weaknesses? How can I apply them into the world? What am I genuinely interested in doing as a career? What can help me be confident in chasing the life I want? I simply downloaded an app called Fabulous. When you spend some time hacking at yourself with questions like these you can start to build a healthy plan towards the future you want.

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