The Divinity In Your Ritual

The journey to creating your daily rituals is one that is rooted in divinity. When we focus on these rituals as often as we can, we are supporting and nurturing a deeper part of ourselves. A part of ourselves that has always existed, waiting to be illuminated by ritual. Practicing rituals is one of the simplest ways to illuminate this divinity. A ritual allows our bodies to understand and feel love from our spirit. When our spirit can give love and understanding to the body it inhabits, it reveals itself to us. It speaks to us through intuition and intention. 

The divine self has always existed and has always been waiting to speak to us. It has been waiting for us to start the conversation. That conversation consists of caring for our bodies in this ritualistic way of simply lathering our skin with products that make us feel happy. There’s a reason these things make us feel happy. Our bodies are feeling that love and understanding from our spirit! That love and understanding illuminates our soul. Our soul is the very thing that makes us infinite. It travels through time and space asking to be seen, felt, nurtured. Nurturing our soul gives life to these physical bodies, gives purpose to our lives. Being in touch with our souls gives quality of life. This quality of life can be found through our rituals, whatever they may be. That’s the beauty in ritual, it is something unique that flows through you. Something that is truly yours. Spend time creating rituals that speak to you and watch your divine illumination begin. 

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