The Skin Your In

As a young 30-year-old, black American, overweight woman, I’ve been teased, looked down on, laughed at, and shunned. Social society has an image for us as humans to look, act, and be a certain way. I do not agree. Throughout history, society has made us believe that we have to separate ourselves into different groups, the haves versus the have nots, rich and poor, skinny and fat, religious and non-religious, when in fact we’re all on the same path just at different points in our lives.

I choose to accept my path and walk with my head held high. Accepting my vessel inside and out. Loving my body, the extra cushion, loving my skin even when others don’t, embracing my womanhood emotions and all. Just allowing myself to fully accept me for me. For a very long time, I tried to fit into ‘social society’ by working out, not eating, living at doctors offices, hanging around the cool crowd, making sure I have no imperfections, choosing to be mean and nasty, feeling entitled to any and everything that I did not put the work in for. Straight up ungrateful for everything in my life.

I have a new respect for myself, friends, family, and the life I have created. I’m perfect in my own way, and you’re perfect in your own way, and that’s what makes us different, unique even! 

These products are not another brand that aims to make money, exploit your insecurities, or become just “another beauty” company, NO! Hells NO! Divine Self Rituals products do three things:

  1. Reset your skin from whatever products you were using in the past 
  2. Embrace what you already have, because it's beautiful, wonderful, and who you are. Natural beauty comes from within, not in a bottle, with makeup, or filter pictures, but loving the skin you are in from the crown of the head to the earth beneath your feet.
  3. Paying it forward to the next generation by educating them and showing them what true beauty is and where it starts, because you are not here to change anyone, you’re here to help show them they are perfect just the way they are.

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